About Me

Fact-based information is essential to living an informed and mindful life. Sexual health professionals like myself, believe that access to accurate and comprehensive information related to sexuality is an important and influential part of making healthy decisions.

I do my best to provide fact-based information in Flagler County and beyond. This includes information about how to prevent STIs, HIV infection, and avoid pregnancy, and how to obtain condoms, contraception and information on abortion.

Having fact-based information also includes how to solve common sexual problems, how a person or couple can choose which type of lubricant or bedroom accessory is right for them, or what the sexual side effects of a medication or medical treatment may be.

What I do in sexual health promotion involves helping people to access accurate information about sexuality through presentations, suggesting trustworthy books or web sites, or letting someone know how they can find a healthcare provider or therapist who has expertise in sexual health matters.